stop1 [ stap ] verb ***
▸ 1 prevent something
▸ 2 no longer do something
▸ 3 no longer move
▸ 4 (make) work no longer
▸ 5 stay at someone's house
▸ 6 block pipe/hole etc.
▸ 1 no longer do something
1. ) transitive to prevent someone from doing something or prevent something from happening:
Policies like this aren't going to stop crime.
stop someone (from) doing something: A broken leg won't stop me from going.
there's nothing to stop you: There's nothing to stop you from asking him. He might agree.
a ) to prevent a payment from being made:
When they saw his work, they stopped payment on their check.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to no longer do something:
We stopped work when we heard the alarm.
stop doing something: I want to stop smoking.
Suddenly everyone stopped talking.
a ) intransitive if something stops, it does not continue:
When the rain stops, I'm going out.
b ) stop it/that SPOKEN used for telling someone not to do something that they are doing:
Stop it! You'll hurt him!
3. ) intransitive to no longer move:
The car stopped at the traffic lights.
Lots of people stopped and stared at the accident.
a ) transitive to ask someone to stop walking or driving so you can talk to them:
I stopped a woman and asked her for directions.
He was stopped for speeding.
b ) intransitive if a bus or train stops somewhere, it stops moving in order to let passengers on or off:
stop at: Does the train stop at terminal three?
c ) intransitive to pause while you are moving or doing something so you can do something else:
He stopped and listened before opening the door.
Did you ever stop to think what might happen?
stop to do something: I stopped to get a drink of water.
stop for: I stopped at the store for some cheese.
d ) stop dead/short to stop moving very unexpectedly
4. ) intransitive or transitive to no longer work, or cause something to no longer work:
My watch has stopped.
Can you stop the engine?
5. ) intransitive or transitive BRITISH SPOKEN to stay at someone's house for a short time
6. ) stop or stop up transitive to block something such as a pipe or hole so that water or another substance cannot go through it
stop at nothing
to do anything to get what you want, even if it is very bad:
They will stop at nothing to get him elected.
stop something in its tracks
to prevent something from continuing:
Protests have stopped construction in its tracks.
stop the press
to stop a newspaper from printing because you have important news to add
stop short
to suddenly stop what you are doing or saying:
I started to explain but stopped short when I realized Adam was in the room.
stop short of (doing) something
to not do something, although you almost do it:
I stopped short of telling him what I really thought.
stop (you) in your tracks
to stop moving in a sudden way, or make you stop moving
there's no stopping someone
used for saying that it is impossible to prevent someone from doing something:
There'll be no stopping him once he starts talking.
what's stopping you (from doing something)? INFORMAL
used for asking why someone does not do something:
I can't just join the Peace Corps. What's stopping you?
,stop `back phrasal verb intransitive AMERICAN
to return somewhere later:
Please stop back later, and I'll have this ready.
,stop `by phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
same as STOP OFF:
Please stop by my office.
,stop `in phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
same as STOP OFF:
Stop in for a drink if you have time.
,stop `off phrasal verb intransitive
to visit somewhere before continuing to another place:
We stopped off in town on the way to Jenni's house.
Could you stop off at the supermarket and get some bread?
,stop `over phrasal verb intransitive
same as STOP OFF:
I'd like to stop over in Carville and visit their historical museum.
`stop up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive if a sink or BATHTUB stops up, water will not empty out because the pipes are full of something that should not be there
2. ) transitive same as STOP1 6:
We need to stop up that hole.
stop 2 [ stap ] noun count **
1. ) a place where you stop on a trip:
The President's first stop on his tour will be Honolulu.
If you need an overnight stop near Santa Fe, this is an ideal place.
make a stop: The bus will make an additional stop in Fargo.
a ) a period when you stop on a trip:
After a brief stop for coffee, we were on our way.
b ) a place where a bus or train stops for passengers to get on or off:
I'm getting off at the next stop.
2. ) one of the parts on an organ that you push or pull in order to control the level of sound
3. ) LINGUISTICS a consonant sound produced by stopping and then starting the flow of air through your mouth: PLOSIVE
come to a stop
to stop:
Suddenly the music came to a stop.
come/jerk/skid etc. to a stop
to stop moving:
The truck skidded to a stop to avoid hitting a dog.
put a stop to something
to prevent or end something:
We must put a stop to unsafe labor practices.
Losing his job put a stop to his plans to buy a new car.
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Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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